Should you buy a Waterfront home?

Are you considering buying a waterfront home in Jacksonville? Before you jump into the deep end, make sure you look at the opportunity clearly. A waterfront property can be a great purchase. It can offer many benefits and give you a beautiful place to call home.

Whether you’re considering a beachfront, riverfront, or lakefront property, there are plenty of things to consider. Let’s look at some of the things to think about before you buy a waterfront property in Jacksonville.

Waterfront vs. Water Views

You will find both waterfront and water view homes in Jacksonville. These are not the same thing. The difference is pretty clear.

A waterfront property is located on the water and you will have access to the water. However, a water view property may not be located on the water, but provides a view of the water. While this is the case, sometimes, the word “waterfront” is used to describe a home that isn’t on the water or is only located on a retention pond.

The right real estate agent will make sure you’re looking at true waterfront properties in Jacksonville. If you choose Coastal Realty Jax, we can even take you around on a boat tour of the current waterfront listings.

Know the Restrictions

While a waterfront home can be great, sometimes this type of property comes with restrictions. Before you make an offer, make sure you understand any restrictions associated with the property.

In some cases, you can build out into the water and in other cases, you can’t. Some waterfront homes allow fishing, others don’t. You might even find some waterfront homes that don’t allow you to use a boat.

It’s more common to find rules about using a boat. These might regulate the size you can own on the water or the speed you can go. You should also know if other water vehicles are allowed.

Many Benefits Provided by Waterfront Properties

There are many personal and financial benefits of buying a waterfront property in Jacksonville. The views, the recreation, and the health benefits might be enough for you. In addition, you will likely own a high-demand property that will go up in value.

Jacksonville waterfront homes tend to be in the best neighborhoods, too. It’s easier to sell in these luxury neighborhoods and property values tend to be a bit more stable.

Is the Lifestyle for You?

Living on the water can be a dream come true for many buyers. However, it may or may not be for you. Make sure you really want this type of lifestyle before you buy a property on the water.

If you love the idea of water views, water access, boating, and other fun on the water, this might be the perfect decision for you.

Don’t Skip the Inspections

Before you settle on a good waterfront property in Jacksonville, make sure you get the right inspections. Along with a basic home inspection, you should also have a seawall inspection and a foundation inspection, in some cases. It may also be necessary to get a soil and water inspection. Check with your real estate agent to ensure you get the right inspections.