Guide to choosing a good realtor

When it’s time to start shopping for a new home or you’re getting ready to sell, you need the right Realtor to help you. A good Realtor can make a huge difference when going through this process.

It’s a pretty big deal for most people to buy or sell a home. Without the right Realtor, it could be a rather difficult process. Let’s look at some of the best ways to ensure you find the right Realtor for you.

Top 7 Ways to Ensure You Choose a Good Realtor

1. Start with the Lender

While it’s important to find a good Realtor, start by finding the right lender for you. When you get pre-approved, it will give your Realtor the right picture of what you can afford and the price range you should be shopping within.

2. Ask for a Referral

Your family and friends probably have good real estate agents they have worked with in the past. They can help to recommend a good Realtor for you if they have had a good experience. Of course, if they have had a bad experience, they can also tell you who to avoid.

3. Do Your Research

You have to do your own research, too. There are plenty of Realtors to choose from and they are not all equal. Look at the online reviews, check out the track record of the Realtor, and vet the potential candidates as well as you can.

4. Interview Multiple Realtors

Sometimes, you can interview a few Realtors and they are all very good. However, one may fit better with you than another. Maybe one specializes in waterfront homes, while another doesn’t. They are both great Realtors, but if you’re trying to buy a waterfront home, you want the one that specializes in this type of property.

5. Check References

There are plenty of great ways to vet a Realtor, but checking references is one of the best. You can ask for references of recent clients and call them up. They will likely give you an honest review of what they experienced with the Realtor.

6. Trust Your Instinct

Often, your instinct tells you everything you need to know about a Realtor. You’ll interview a few Realtors and they may all be very good. However, your instinct will tell you which one is the right one for your specific needs.

7. Understand Your Contract

You should know your contract, too. When you hire a Realtor, make sure you know what your contract states including the commission you will pay. The length of the contract should also matter. A contract of six months or less is a good idea.

Finding the right Realtor is a big deal. When you’re shopping for a home, getting ready to sell, or taking on both sides of the coin, a good Realtor will make a big difference. Make sure you do your research and take the time to choose the right Realtor for you and your needs.